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Benedict Phillips, Return of Agenda of the Agresive Dislecksick (Tetley: 1 of 31), 2020, footprints (gestetner ink) on Risograph print on archival paper, signed and numbered by the artist, unlimited edition, 42 x 29.7 cm (unframed).


A new work by Benedict Phillips, from the perspective of his alternative persona The DIV ‘anarchist’ (in black) retracing his footsteps to the source (Agenda of The Agresive Dislecksick 1995) of his alternative neurodiverse universe . A re-imagining that asks the question again who sets the Agender, does anything ever change? The performance involves reading of 26 provocations and A-Z of dyslexic ideas, the production of a set of new ‘foot prints’ specific to the walk undertaken to produce new editions on each performance. 

Return of Agenda of the Agresive Dislecksick (Tetley: No. 1 of 31)

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