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Benedict Phillips, The Grey Div (The Architect), 2019, photograph on archival photo rag paper, signed on the reverse by the artist.


Small: 24.4 x 30.5 cm, edition of 10 at £375

Medium: 48.8 x 61 cm, edition of 6 at £1,400

Large: 70 x 86 cm, edition of 3 at £3,500


Benedict Phillips' DIV photographic portraits, form part of his ongoing project, including performances, photography and sculpture, addressing society’s perception of dyslexia, and how this might be turned on its head, empowering the lexic and dyslexic alike.


The Grey DIV is the Architect who performs guided tours exploring the visible and invisible urban landscape using his 'Cinema Suitcase' to produce his Alternative acts of Architecture performed in Sheffield in 2018 and Venice in 2019.


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The Grey Div (various sizes)

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